Gemini Data Loggers, UK
Giriraj is rightfully proud of their partnership with Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd, for their Tinytag range of data loggers. Nearly two decades young association has made Tinytag series a most recognized brand in its category of products in India. Thousands of installation cutting across all segments of industry makes Tinytag Series of loggers a leader in India.
Intab Interface Teknik AB, Sweden
Intab has 40 years of experience in developing professional data acquisition systems. Giriraj's partnership with them enhances their technical offering. PC-Loggers are highly advanced state-of-the-art electronic multi-channel data acquisition devices.
Infinite Industrial Informatics Ltd, Greece
Infinite is established by a team of engineers with remarkable academic studies, long experience in electronics design & manufacture and proven expertise in industrial engineering, telematics and embedded software development. Giriraj's trust-worthy partnership with them makes possible offering its customers unique solutions.
Munson Machinery Co Inc, USA
Giriraj are sales representatives and agents for one the oldest running machinery company from United State of America. Munson is a world leader in mixers, blenders and size reduction equipment for bulk solid materials. Since 1823, Munson has continually set the industry standard for durability, evidenced by numerous machines from the early 1900s operating at customer locations to this day.
MSR Electronics GmbH, Switzerland
Giriraj's sales partnership with MSR provides core competency in the development and production of standardized and customized mini data loggers for a wide range of applications, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light and vibrations etc.
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